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February 19 - Professional Day of Religious Studies

On this day in 1870 Max Muller gave one of the first lectures on the comparative history of religion at the Royal Institution in London.

In honor of this important date, the UNESCO Chair in World Culture and Religions and the Center for Studies of Religion held two student events: initiation of undergraduates into religious studies and religious studies Quiz.

In keeping with the tradition of the department, senior students and alumni organized a quest and a rite of passage into religious studies. Symbolic ribbons, the paraphernalia of various religions, instructions from practitioners, and a sense of unity created the very atmosphere in which future professionals gain an understanding and purpose for their profession.

In tribute to a culture that goes back centuries, the newly initiated must demonstrate their knowledge and abilities. The second stage of the "initiation" was an intellectual game of religion. Questions covered a wide range of disciplines: types and typology of religions, history, anthropology, law in the field of religion, mysticism, symbolism and a bonus block "memes and religion. Moderator - Ruslan Temirkhanov, graduate of the Department of Religious Studies

Two hours of intense intellectual struggle between novice and experienced students ended with the presentation of commemorative certificates and certificates of admission to religious studies!

"Wer eine kennt, kennt keine." "He who knows one religion knows none." ⁃ Friedrich Max Müller

Amateur videos from the quiz:


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