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History of Christianity in Kyrgyzstan (video)

Today we want to show you a general educational video that the Kyrgyzstan Bible Society produced in 2019 as part of the exhibition "The Way of the Bible: From Sinai to Kyrgyzstan. It tells the story of Christianity in our country from its earliest beginnings.

The video is valuable because it was attended by both scholars and representatives of various Christian denominations: 

- Yuri Podkuyko (candidate of historical sciences, associate professor)

- Sergey Cherkashin (Protodeacon of Russian Orthodox Church)

- Peter Schmidt (Chairman of the Union of Evangelical Christians Baptists)

- Anthony Carcoran (Apostolic Administrator of the Catholic Church in Kyrgyzstan)

The joint work of representatives of different denominations allowed to create a unique integral material. The video shows archeological findings, maps and photos of temple complexes (some of which have already been destroyed), biographies of the first clergymen, the work of religious seminaries and an abundance of other interesting information.

We would like to note that there are not many interactive materials about the history of religions in Kyrgyzstan. From this the value of this video only increases. There are no analogues to it yet.

Recommended for viewing by a wide audience


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