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Excursion to cult places in Talas (Friendship Tree initiative)

On October 6, a team from Talas organized a cultural and educational tour of temples and places of worship after the training on "Freedom of Religion and Belief in Kyrgyzstan

🗺️ Tour participants, teachers of the school subject "History of Religious Culture," employees of the mayor's office, civic activists, ethnic minorities, representatives of different religions

📍The route went through the following locations:

- St. Nicholas Catholic Church

- Central Mosque of Talas city. Talas

- Baptist church.

The participants wanted to understand the characteristics of the doctrines of different Christian denominations. At the same time, the imam of the central mosque said something important:

"We respect all religions, we respect the sacred books as much as we respect the Koran, for all these books were sent to us from God.

✔️ Экскурсанты с удовольствием и интересом прошли весь маршрут, отметив, что такие мероприятия должны проходить чаще


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