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Training "Freedom of Religion and Belief in Kyrgyzstan" in Talas

On October 6, our youth team organized a training on freedom of religion and belief in Talas as part of their initiative "Friendship Tree".

Expert Marina Aralbekovna told about international and constitutional norms of freedom of conscience and religion, the right to establish a religious association in the Kyrgyz Republic. The issue of accessibility/distribution of religious materials was also considered.

After working in small groups, participants indicated that this format of work helped them to learn more about other religions in Kyrgyzstan.

Teachers expressed gratitude for the timeliness of the training, since with the introduction of a new subject on the history of religious culture, this information was very useful. Teachers recommended that such events be held more often.

Participants in the training included representatives of various religions, ethnic minorities, teachers of the history of religious culture, civic activists and representatives from Talas City Hall.

During the training, participants actively asked questions and suggested what kind of joint activities we could usefully carry out.


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