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Forum Theaters in Talas (Equality Generation Initiative)

On September 20-24 a series of events called "Generation of Equality" was held in Talas to raise awareness of adolescents from different religious minorities about gender and gender equality.

The project held four forum-theater workshops and discussions on "Gender Equality and Religious Tolerance through the Eyes of Youth" among schools of Talas.

In addition to discussing issues of religious relations, the topic of gender equality was raised:

"The stereotypes and mentality that we have among our people hinder us in the modern world. For example, as in this forum theater, we can not choose a profession that we want. To be more precise, even I, being a man, can not make myself a haircut that I now have long. When I grew my hair everyone looked at me with horror. You could have been tolerant of it. In Bishkek, for example, people are tolerant, but in Talas, especially in the villages, it is forbidden because we are men. And how do you talk about gender equality?

The topic was also of interest to teachers, who took an active part in the discussions.

Next, the team will hold a drawing competition among students on gender equality and tolerance.

The youth initiative is implemented by the team with the support of Research Center for Religious Studies and Search for Common Ground Kyrgyzstan

Отзывы с прошедших форум-театров в г. Талас 🤗


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