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An exhibition of paintings, a quiz and a movie screening for young people from Naryn by our Jas

On November 13, the Jash Time initiative team in Naryn held three events for local youth

In the morning there was an exhibition of photographs on the topic of gender inequality. Participants were able to examine social pictures and discuss them with the organizers

After the exhibition, an intellectual quiz on religious diversity was held. The quiz aimed to increase knowledge of Kyrgyzstan's diverse religious cultures.

Questions were divided into categories: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Poker Face. After a dynamic competition, 3 teams came out on top:

🥇 Alpha

🥈 Bibliophiles

🥉 Trix

The event series ended with a screening of the social-themed film "Freedom Writers." The film raises issues of youth education, racism, and the role of mentorship. After the film, the audience shared their opinions and had a discussion about the issues raised

The team doesn't end there. Our next events will take place in Karakol soon.

The initiative is led by the Jash Time team as part of the Youth Idea Generation Lab and supported by Research Center for Religious Studies and Search for Common Ground.


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