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Birimdik Dostukta" ("Unity in Friendship") Festival in Talas

On November 4 in Talas, our team held the festival "Birimdik Dostukta" ("Unity in Friendship") at the children's music school named after A. Ogombayev.

More than 150 people participated, including representatives of Muslim, Orthodox, Protestant and other Christian communities, and ethnic minorities from the Turkish and Tatar diasporas. Vice-Mayor of Talas, Seydikerimova Mira, gave a welcoming speech.

The festival included 2 creative exhibitions "Bridge of Friendship" and "Religious Tolerance through the Eyes of the Youth" (works were provided by the participants of the previous youth competitions from Talas), master classes and a concert program.

Young people had a great opportunity to take part in the quest game and receive incentive prizes.

The purpose of the festival was to expand the understanding among young people about the importance of good neighborly and friendly relations, respect for diversity as a value in our society.

This project is implemented with the support of RCRS and SFCG Kyrgyzstan.


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