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Movie night in Talas (Jash Time initiative)

On October 7, our Jash Time team organized Movie Night at the Spiritual Sports Complex in Tokmak 🙌


Our choice was "Freedom Writers. The film lasted ~2 hours, and the participants watched it with great interest. Everyone really liked the film, the participants watched it in the same breath, as well as the organizers.🥰

After the film, the guys went for a coffee break, where everyone shared their emotions and impressions about the film. ☺️✨

Also, there was a game of Kahoot, where were prepared questions about the film.

At the end, six kids were awarded. 3 people who won in the game "Kahoot!" and 2 of the most active guys who participated in the discussion, and one person, whose stories on Instagram were the most original.🌟


- @jash_time

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