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🌳 Planting 98 pine trees in Yntymak-1 Park as part of an interfaith cleaning action

On March 29, members of the Interfaith Council of Kyrgyzstan gathered for a joint cleaning action and tree planting in the new Yntymak Park at the intersection of Toktonalieva and Masalieva Streets.

The Interfaith Council of Kyrgyzstan was founded in 2018 and brings together representatives of 17 religious organizations. Since the beginning of its creation, there has been a tradition of an annual interdenominational subbotnik. This year, our Center co-organized it.

The action seems simple, but with its help a lot of positive tasks are achieved:

  • promoting interreligious, inter-ethnic peace and unity;

  • improving social infrastructure, the condition of urban facilities

  • landscaping and improvement of the country's territories

  • increasing public awareness about religions existing in Kyrgyzstan.

The event was opened by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Akylbek Japarov, and the director of the State Commission on Religious Affairs, Toigonbai Jorobayevich. After welcoming speeches, representatives of religions, employees of SCRA, Zelenokhoz and non-governmental organizations started planting trees and cleaning up the territory.

Below we tell you why we chose pine trees:

  • pine is a coniferous tree

  • can reach the height of 50-70 meters and life duration - 500 years

  • It has a lot of positive properties, starting from health-improving to aesthetic ones

  • It is rich in essential oils, which are beneficial for the human nervous system

  • It does not require strict care; it can grow on rocky and dry places, but on plain ground pine spreads its branches and creates fanciful shapes and dense crowns

  • retain dust year-round

  • pines grow without undergrowth, which makes it much easier to walk between the trees

  • the most interesting thing is that pine has one of the best oxygen productivity (4.8-5.9 tons/ha). The index is greater only for poplar, oak and larch. With attention to the environmental situation in the country, planting trees is advisable.

Further watering and care of the seedlings was undertaken by the Bishkek Mayor's Office.

The cleaning activity was held as part of a series of activities to build interfaith trust in Kyrgyzstan with the support of Search for Common Ground. Among the organizers and participants:

- State Commission on Religious Affairs of the Kyrgyzstan

- Interfaith Council of Kyrgyzstan

- Research Center for Religious Studies

- Search for Common Ground branch office

- OSCE program office

P.s. This event is only the first in a row. Altogether we have 4 formats for building interreligious trust planned. There are 3 more to come. Translated with (free version)🌱

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