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Quiz-Night, a cultural and educational game in Tokmok (Diversity in Action Initiative)

On October 15, our team from Tokmok held an intellectual Quiz-Night in the format of "Our Game

👥 There were 5 teams of 3 people each, for a total of 15 people.

They prepared 25 questions in the following categories: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and pocker face. In each category, the questions were divided into five levels of difficulty. Each level had a rating from 10 to 50

✨Because of this format, participants learned new information from other members of their team and from the answers of the organizers.

⭐️Observation of the organizers: initially the guys were a little shy, at least because the format is quite new for our youth, but soon enough they got used to it and began to speak more actively, joke, praise each other and get into the words said by participants from other teams


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