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Quiz Night results

On the evening of December 9, in the library of the main building of the KRSU, we held an intellectual game dedicated to the topic of human rights to freedom of religion. 9 teams from universities of the city participated. Future lawyers, economists, religious scholars and managers met on a single platform to discuss issues of religion and belief.

The goal of the game was to spread knowledge about the history of religions, their diversity and significance in the past and present.

The quiz included 9 rounds, each of which touched on human rights, religious culture, history, literature, and even math. We would like to thank the participants for a dynamic and rich game. We are glad that our event caught your attention.

Special thanks to our host Nuridin Nurakov - the intriguing and creative conduct of the quiz will remain in the memory of each participant. Your questions were unexpected, funny and informative. You made this game memorable and bright.

After two hours of an intellectual game, we tallied up the scores. Four teams were the leaders:

- Ex aequo et bono - With goodness and justice

- Фемида - Themis

- Verum

- Law-2 IAU Kyrgyzstan

As an encouragement, participants received gift certificates from the "Raritet" store (5000, 3000, 2500, 2000 soms).

We thank the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University library staff for providing the space and say thank you to everyone involved in organizing the quiz.

Bonus! 🎁

Announcing Quiz-Night for Religious Studies students on next year's Religious Studies Day!


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