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"Radicalization and Deradicalization - Learning from Foreign Terrorist Fighters"

The results of the study and publications can be viewed by clicking on the image

Project Objective: To identify a wide range of personal, social, economic, ideological factors that led to the radicalization, mobilization and return of terrorist fighters to prisons in Kyrgyzstan.

Target group: Former terrorist fighters who had gone from recruitment, radicalization, to terrorist mobilization or support of terrorist activities and for various reasons returned to their home country; their friends and close relatives.

Project Objectives:

  1. to determine "why and how" people decided to become terrorist fighters and why they chose to return to their country;

  2. to examine vulnerabilities to radicalization leading to violent extremism;

  3. Analyzing the pathways to radicalization that lead to extremism, including motives and aspirations;

  4. Providing recommendations to prevent, reduce and stop radicalization processes.


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