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Roundtables in Kara-Balta and Talas

On July 27 and 28 in Kara-Balta and Talas the series of round tables with religious leaders is coming to an end.

As in past events, the coverage of inter-religious relations, the role of women in modern society, state-confessional relations, and social problems provoked active discussion.

Participants in the roundtable in Kara-Balta supported the importance of supporting healthy and cooperative relations between representatives of different religions and discussed the potential of each religion in preserving women's rights. Representatives of religious organizations and the public in Chui Oblast suggested that they should meet more often to discuss the current agenda together.

Participants from Talas and Talas oblast noted the relative stability of the religious situation in the region and the need to continue mutual cooperation and strengthen positive communication. As a way to improve legal literacy and the position of women in society, it was proposed to distribute information booklets in the field containing basic legal provisions, contacts of crisis centers, as well as information about religious diversity in Kyrgyzstan.

The roundtables are held in partnership with the State Commission on Religious Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic and "Search for Common Ground" branch office.


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