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Roundtables with religious leaders from all regions of Kyrgyzstan

On July 20 the Research Center for Religious Studies in partnership with the State Commission on Religious Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, "Search for Common Ground" branch office is launching a series of round tables with leaders of various religious organizations in all regions of Kyrgyzstan. The roundtables are held in regional centers with the participation of religious leaders from the target locations: Ak-Terek village, Ak-Terek region, and Ak-Terek city. Ak-Terek, s. Yrdyk, Cholpon-Ata city, Chon-Dobo village. Chon-dobo, s. Semiz-Bel, s. Akman, Ak-Korgon, Ozgon, Uch-Korgon, Kadamzhai, Kara-Balta, Talas.

The purpose of the roundtables is to expand the understanding of rights, including women's rights, opportunities, and responsibilities of the individual and the citizen through common religious values. The program of the roundtables includes discussions about the state policy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the religious sphere, the rights to freedom of conscience and religion and their implementation in communities, the preservation of family values through the implementation of gender equality, etc.

During the discussion, all roundtable participants can express their point of view, offer their own options to support legal literacy among local communities, women's participation in social and religious spaces, analyze shared civic values and find non-conflict solutions to existing problems in local communities in the implementation of rights, including women's rights.

As a result, roundtable participants from each region of the country will prepare their recommendations to promote the rights of members of their communities to freedom of conscience and religion and to support women's participation in social processes.


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