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We have completed the National Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop!

Over the course of three days, analytical staff and representatives of the State Commission on Religious Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic in the regions discussed the process of implementing state programs and effective tools for tracking the results of their implementation.

The seminar was held March 9-11 in an interactive format and allowed participants to work on topics related to the collection of quantitative and qualitative indicators to analyze the religious situation in the country and make proposals for its improvement.

As a result of the workshop, the most appropriate monitoring tools were identified for the SCRA of the Kyrgyz Republic. The use of these tools will contribute to the process of preparing information on the implementation of program documents of the country.

In order to consolidate the studied material the work related to data collection in the regions of the republic is planned.

The seminar was conducted by the Research Center for Religious Studies of Kyrgyzstan with the support of CASSS.

Several photos from the seminar: