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Strengthening the Capacity of Central Asian Governments to Rehabilitate Returnees and their Families

Project goal: to identify gaps in policy, knowledge and practice and develop recommendations for Central Asian states to support their efforts to rehabilitate and reintegrate returnees and their families.

Target group: returnees from the conflict zone in Syria, relatives of those citizens who are in the conflict zones, experts and specialists working in the field of countering violent extremism.

The geographic scope of the project includes Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Project Objectives:

  1. To identify problems, risks and limitations in repatriation and reintegration programs;

  2. Identify areas and ways to improve repatriation of repatriates and reintegration programs in accordance with UN principles and international best practices;

  3. Participate in discussions and promote regional cooperation between Central Asian countries on repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration of repatriates and their family members as a result of the project (Kyrgyzstan is still at the beginning of this process and can learn from the experience of Kazakhstan, which is in an active process of repatriating its citizens).

Project activities:

  1. Field research by areas with in-depth interviews in target groups with further analysis;

  2. Comparison and merging of the reports of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan;

  3. Seminars with government agencies and civil society organizations, including experts, international organizations;

  4. Conclusion of conclusions with final development of recommendations.


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