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The Research Center for the Religious Studies is looking for consultants!

Terms of Reference for consultants:

- psychologist;

- jurisprudent;

- facilitator.

Place of Work: Kyrgyzstan

Thematic Category: Interfaith Relationships

Expected start date: March 24, 2022

Estimated duration of services: 6 months

In the current project, the Center for Studies of Religion plans to hire national experts to provide expertise in promoting inter-religious dialogue, enhancing skills for positive interaction, and raising awareness of religious freedom rights among communities of different faiths.

Experts will work under the direct supervision of the Center's Chairman.

Objective: To provide expert advice on promoting inter-religious dialogue and advancing the right to freedom of religion and belief in communities in Kyrgyzstan.

Project Objectives:

1. Conducting confidence-building meetings between leaders and representatives of various religious movements, including atheists;

2. Information meetings for community members to raise awareness of the legal basis of religious freedom, including provisions ensuring gender equality;

3. Conducting dialogue meetings with communities to discuss difficulties and barriers to the implementation of legal norms at the local level.

4. Organizing roundtable meetings with religious leaders to raise their awareness of the intersection of gender equality and religious freedom, changing their perspectives and attitudes, and engaging them as advocates for religious women's rights;

5. Conducting women's circles for women in communities;

6. Conducting a laboratory of ideas for youth and women to strengthen their capacity to promote awareness and religious tolerance initiatives at the local level.

Project Participants: religious leaders, local activists, youth and women from 7 regions of the KR representing different religious and other beliefs.

Total number of participants: 140.

Tasks of the Expert:

1. Development of the general concept of the project including recommendations in cooperation with other experts (1 meeting with experts in Bishkek);

2. Development of programs of events together with other experts;

3. Making a presentation at the regional meetings (6 oblasts)

4. Facilitation of round tables, information meetings (as needed);

5. expert advice and assistance in developing informational communication materials with success stories.


Skills, knowledge and understanding of the logic and structure of project activities;

Good analytical and writing skills;

Cultural and political awareness and sensitivity about religion and the religious situation in Kyrgyzstan;

Strong facilitation, mediation and interpersonal skills to build relationships with project beneficiaries;

Coordination, planning and teamwork skills;

Commitment to product quality and deadlines.

Required Experience.


Diploma in social sciences or other relevant field

Work Experience:

Minimum of five years experience in counseling, conceptualization,

Analysis related to the promotion of interreligious dialogue;

Experience collaborating and networking with people of different faiths,

Experience in working with people of different faiths, nationalities, ethnicities from rural communities;

Experience working with representatives of LSGs, local religious leaders and non-governmental stakeholders on building interreligious dialogue.

Knowledge of languages:

Fluency in Russian and Kyrgyz

The application form with expected pay should be submitted no later than March 20, 2022, 18:00 Bishkek time, by sending a resume to the following email address: Translated with (free version)


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