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Tree planting in Talas by representatives of different religions

Yesterday in Talas, representatives of different religious denominations planted 40 pine trees in a park as a sign of friendship. As participants noted, such events should be held as often as possible for interaction between faiths and benefits for the environment. Joint work contributes to bringing people closer together and improves relationships.

This event is a source of friendship. "We, representatives of different faiths, come together in one place and show our friendship.

In fact, representatives of all religions were unanimous in the idea that planting trees has a special meaning. Gardening, planting trees - a noble, good deed, which saves the planet

🌱 The participants of the "Tree of Friendship" action noted in their speech that such events should be continued in the future, so that as many people as possible would be involved in such actions

It was organized by a youth team from Talas and supported by the RCRS and Search for Common Ground Kyrgyzstan as part of the Idea Generation Lab.

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