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Women's circles in Kara Balta and Talas

On October 21 and 22 in Kara-Balta and Talas, regular women's creative circles were held

Women and girls of different religions from Kara-Balta, Jaiyl district and Talas city participated.

It was noted that the women of Chui Oblast are proud of the existing inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony in the region. The participants considered the role of women in preserving and supporting the existing mutual understanding to be important.

Religious women are the key person in preserving the positive relationships that exist because they have respect and authority among their communities.

The participants highlighted the urgent problems of their area: ecology, education and infrastructure, which need to be solved together.

It was interesting that at the end of the sessions in Kara-Balta we were invited to the local Muslim educational center to organize training on women's and girls' rights

In both circles the participants prepared wonderful patriotic collective works about their small motherland

Women's Circles take place at Research Center for Religious Studies in cooperation with Search for Common Ground

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