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We started a series of women's creative circles

The Center began a series of women's circles in the southern target locations: Uzgen, Kadamzhay, Akman, Kok-Tash, and Uch-Korgon villages!

The one-day meetings with religious women help bring local women together to address local issues, such as violations of women's rights based on their faith, including domestic violence, discrimination in communities, access to education, early marriage, and more.

The meetings are held in a circle format, where experts raise participants' awareness of their rights to freedom of religion and belief through art, crafts, and drawing, enhance their personal capacity, and provide information on legal issues and practices.

The meetings will bring together a group of the most active and interested participants to further activate local women to address violations of women's rights.

The Women's Circles are held within the framework of the project "Strengthening the Rule of Law and Supporting Religious Freedom in Kyrgyzstan," implemented jointly with Search for Common Ground Kyrgyzstan


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