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Roundtable with religious leaders in Jalalabad

Today there was a round table with religious leaders in Jalal-Abad. Religious leaders, the women's community and representatives of the aksakals' court participated with interest in the discussion part of the program, asking a large number of questions on the topics studied.

Discussions focused on the regulation of the relationship between husband and wife: where the rights of the spouses may be limited and where there is a lack of responsibility, as well as on the issue of going to the mosque to perform Juma Namaz during working hours. Other topics of interest included the hijab, burial ceremonies, state-religious relations, family violence and violence against children, and alimony and social benefits for women. All of these topics were common and pressing concerns for the participants, regardless of their religious affiliation.


We would like to add that our participants in past idea-generation labs also participate in roundtable discussions to raise their awareness of the religious situation in the country and to enhance their own skills. Laboratory participants are actively involved in the roundtables in search of new ideas and opportunities to implement their social initiatives.

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A series of roundtables involving religious leaders from all regions of Kyrgyzstan is organized by the Reserch Center for Religious Studies in partnership with the State Commission on Religious Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Search for Common Ground branch office.

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